Tranquil Heart

Are you searching for more peace in your life?

Would you like to be able to calm your thoughts and feelings?


Tranquil Heart. Tranquil Heart is a 10 video training program that is going to teach you the skills you need to create tranquility in your life. In addition to receiving the Tranquil Heart Program you’ll also have access to the video training Quick Anxiety Relief, and audio trainings Healing Your Heart, and Stress Relief For Your Heart. In Tranquil Heart you’ll be introduced to a fast and effective method that will open and expand your heart. You’ll learn the skill of Power Breathing, a method for instantly calming anxiety. In addition, you will understand why it’s essential to Get Clear Now about why you have to change your life. Why you can’t wait to calm your heart. You’ll discover why it’s developing a heart connection is vital, and understand how this skill can be a powerful force for change in your life. You’ll be coached in the practice of setting up a daily time of reflection. You’ll learn an ancient skill for heart clarity and love. In addition, you’ll find out how to Take it to The Next Level and develop even greater tranquility.

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Price: $179.99


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