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De-Clutter Your Heart

A spring cleaning of the heart- its something we all need. Although it’s not spring yet, we can all find value in cleaning out our hearts now and then. What do I mean by this.  It seems that life tends to clutter our hearts.  We hold onto things we shouldn’t hold ... Read More
January 14, 2008Dr.Kirk Laman


Peace of mind-We’ve all heard this phrase.  It means turning off the mental chatter, slamming the door to the wayward run-away thoughts. You know what I’m talking about.  Who can ignore it what with the frenzied:  shop-till-you-drop, fight to find a mall parking stall, bowel over your neighbor for the last sale- ... Read More
December 11, 2007Dr.Kirk Laman


Just spoke at the Ann Arbor women’s expo- “Overcoming Stress Through Heart Centered Living.” I was amazed at what I learn each time I speak. The talk was an introduction to eliminating stress, but what struck me was how the the little things in life could be stressful.We like to ... Read More
November 11, 2007Dr.Kirk Laman


Take a look at what you’re eating, smoking, and your activity level.
October 31, 2007Dr.Kirk Laman



Letting Go

Letting go is an active process. It also is an energy releaser. So often it seems we want to hold onto things- people, situations, and just things. Why is it so much easier to hold onto the ruts we find ourselves in than to just let go? The idea of letting ... Read More
October 29, 2007Dr.Kirk Laman


Life has causes and effects.  What we do matters, particularly when it comes to our health care.  Recently, I had a patient who saw me in the office with significant risk factors for heart disease.  He was a diabetic and his blood sugars were very out of control. I had to ... Read More
October 26, 2007Dr.Kirk Laman


Feelings are important. We all know this to be true. No one likes to have their feelings hurt. Yet, we often think feelings aren’t real- not like a cold or an illness is real. Meaning- we tend to dismiss feelings as being less important when compared to something we know ... Read More
October 23, 2007Dr.Kirk Laman


Freedom is a great blessing. Most Americans believe deeply in the concept of freedom, and while to Bill of Rights guarantees certain freedoms- the vast majority of American’s still find themselves imprisoned. What do I mean by this? What I mean is that although a great many people assume they are ... Read More
October 3, 2007Dr.Kirk Laman



Balancing our Heart

Everyone knows about the circus-balancing act. A wire is stretched taught between two poles high above the ground. A circus performer makes their way across the wire, often precariously. The trick is not to fall, to maintain balance throughout the journey. Finding balance for our heart is a similar feat. Like ... Read More
October 3, 2007Dr.Kirk Laman