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Heart’s ache. In these modern times, in this seemingly never-ending season of Covid- our heart’s feel stretched to the point of breaking. It’s as if a black, villainous balloon is being blown up inside our chests. And with each pump of air the emotional cords that are holding our heart’s ... Read More
December 9, 2021Dr.Kirk Laman


People want to be well. Overcoming such trauma requires digging deep. You have to dive in, head and heart first
February 8, 2011Dr.Kirk Laman


The Mediterranean Diet has been shown to be extremely beneficial in preventing heart disease. The Nurses Health Study showed that following a Mediterranean Diet could dramatically reduce a woman's chances of having heart disease.
August 29, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Modern life is filled with stress. Lifting our heart can be a way to reduce damaging stress. Lifting means opening and expanding. You can indeed lift your heart with these simple steps.
July 18, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


  An old saying used to be, "No one ever died of a broken heart."   Now medical science has proven this to be untrue.  You can indeed suffer a serious heart problem because of a broken heart.  In fact, a broken heart can be lethal! In the last 10 years medical research ... Read More
June 8, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


What motivates you? I know what motivates me. And sometimes its easy to be motivated to make changes in your health lifestyle. Other times it is difficult. What am I talking about? I'm talking about doing the things your body needs to be healthy. Why is it so difficult to make ... Read More
June 1, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Just back from vacationing in Florida.  We left Michigan's cold weather for a few days in the sunny confines of Orlando.  Vacations are like a medicine.  They can be a real medicine for the heart. We often think that medicine is a pill that we take, but medicine- something that can ... Read More
April 18, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Our heart holds the key. It holds the key to health, particularly emotional and psychological health. Our heart also knows the answers to what we need. Many people have written about this phenomenon- that the heart has a great intelligence.
March 31, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


A patient's heart stops in the Emergency Room. Her near death experience gives her comfort. Our heart's need comfort. They need reassurance.
February 27, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman



Love Your Life

The past is gone, like a soap bubble burst. And the future? Its a mysterious dream, not yet real. All we really have is the present, this touchable moment. We’ve all heard the phrase: live in the present. And while this is important, we also have to consider how are we ... Read More
November 20, 2009Dr.Kirk Laman