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People want to be well. Overcoming such trauma requires digging deep. You have to dive in, head and heart first
February 8, 2011Dr.Kirk Laman


A viral vertigo struck me this week. It made me think about how life can be an incredible learning experience.
May 2, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


  Hearts are made to soar.  They are destined to fly.  Do you know what I mean? A few years ago, I saw woman in my cardiology practice (identity changed but a true story)  who was caught in an incredible rut.  Fear dominated her life.  She was afraid to move past what ... Read More
April 28, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Patience is a virtue. We've all heard this phrase. Many people say it in response to some difficulty or troubling event. But patience is more than just a virtue, it is a powerful medicinal for healing the heart.
April 25, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Just back from vacationing in Florida.  We left Michigan's cold weather for a few days in the sunny confines of Orlando.  Vacations are like a medicine.  They can be a real medicine for the heart. We often think that medicine is a pill that we take, but medicine- something that can ... Read More
April 18, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Our hearts need nourishment. They need to receive the proper ingredients for becoming well. We need to follow the proper diet but we also need to give ourselves what we need emotionally and spiritually.
April 13, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman