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How to Heal Your Broken Heart- A Cardiologists Secrets for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health.   Endorsed by Dr.Oz and Mark Victor Hansen, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series. How to Heal Your Broken Heart explores how a heart that is broken-meaning a heart that ... Read More
September 8, 2021Dr.Kirk Laman


Free Training Heart Connection MeditationIs your heart suffering? Do you feel anxious, frustrated, or out of sorts?Heart Connection Meditation can help you learn to connect more deeply to your heart for health and healing.
September 6, 2021Dr.Kirk Laman


Quick Anxiety ReliefIs your heart suffering from anxiety or feelings of panic?Perhaps Covid-19, illness, or an overwhelming loss is making your heart anxious?Whatever the cause Quick Anxiety Relief is a short video training series that can help you get started down the path of emotional wellness. You’ll ... Read More
July 30, 2013Dr.Kirk Laman