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We tend to think of stress as something that affects us psychologically or mentally, but stress also has a physical side? What we eat, how we exercise, and the quality of our sleep are important physical factors that can influence our ability to deal with the stress in our ... Read More
September 4, 2020Dr.Kirk Laman


Acceptance can be a powerful stress busting technique. Richard Carlson has said, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff." We need to acknowledge that sometimes we can't change the events in our life. We have to just accept our life the way it is- in that moment.
July 7, 2020Dr.Kirk Laman


What is it about a mothers love that it so special? What is it about her love that can be a balm for our wounds, diminish our pain, and lift our hearts? So what is it that makes a mother’s love so unique? I believe it comes from ... Read More
May 9, 2020Dr.Kirk Laman


The new year is here. Time to begin working on a new you. It's a new you that can be stress free. What's great about the new year is that it opens up new possibilities. The new year is a time for renewal. It's a time when we can decide ... Read More
December 28, 2012Dr.Kirk Laman


What is the best way to overcome your daily stress? Focusing on your heart and learning a method for heart centered stress relief can be a powerful tool.
September 19, 2012Dr.Kirk Laman


We all want life to be easy. But life can be filled with stress. Malcom Gladwell in his book Outliers- suggests we need to spend some time getting good at becoming successful. We need to to do this if we want to overcome stress.
August 9, 2012Dr.Kirk Laman


Stress can be overwhelming. It can lead to a Dark Night of the Soul. Luckily you can find a light at the end of the tunnel.
February 10, 2012Dr.Kirk Laman


Life sometimes gets in the way of Life.  What do I mean by that?  Sometimes we get so busy, that we don't seem to have time for anything but running.  As I write this on a Friday night after having my computer crash.  Spending hours loading software, recreating files, etc. It ... Read More
April 15, 2011Dr.Kirk Laman


People want to be well. Overcoming such trauma requires digging deep. You have to dive in, head and heart first
February 8, 2011Dr.Kirk Laman


Healing the emotion illness- the other illness of the heart is more challenging. And what about the spiritual illness?
January 14, 2011Dr.Kirk Laman