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  An old saying used to be, "No one ever died of a broken heart."   Now medical science has proven this to be untrue.  You can indeed suffer a serious heart problem because of a broken heart.  In fact, a broken heart can be lethal! In the last 10 years medical research ... Read More
June 8, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Laughter can be good for your heart health. Medical studies show it can even prevent a heart attack. If you haven't laughed in a while consider checking out Chris Rock's movie, "Death at a Funeral."
May 9, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Sugar is bad for your heart health. Ah, this should come as no surprise.  We've all been told this.  But a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA 2010;303:1490-1497.)  confirms what we all knew deep down.  Sugar isn't good for you. A lot of sugar is very bad ... Read More
April 22, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Just back from vacationing in Florida.  We left Michigan's cold weather for a few days in the sunny confines of Orlando.  Vacations are like a medicine.  They can be a real medicine for the heart. We often think that medicine is a pill that we take, but medicine- something that can ... Read More
April 18, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Our hearts need nourishment. They need to receive the proper ingredients for becoming well. We need to follow the proper diet but we also need to give ourselves what we need emotionally and spiritually.
April 13, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Our heart holds the key. It holds the key to health, particularly emotional and psychological health. Our heart also knows the answers to what we need. Many people have written about this phenomenon- that the heart has a great intelligence.
March 31, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Are you looking for peace in a work gone crazy?  Sometimes it feels like there's no hope.  Life seems to be spiraling out of control.  Our own lives can seem that way. Most of what people want comes down to a sense of peace in their lives.  They may define it ... Read More
March 29, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


I see many people with heart disease. Sometimes its hard for me to understand how they let themselves get to the condition they are in. But then I see my own frailties. I see at times my lack of will power.
March 23, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


  Do you feel good?  Are you happy? Most of us go through spells where we feel up and then other times when we feel down.  Its a natural phenomenon, but did you know that how you feel can affect your physical heart health? It's true most of us tend to think that ... Read More
March 18, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman


Why is it so hard to be consistent? Why is it so hard to do the things you know you need to do. We know if we have health problems we should eat better, exercise, and reduce our stress. Why aren't we consistent?
January 27, 2010Dr.Kirk Laman