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Anxiety can shock the system. It can pummel and paralyze us. It’s all too easy to feel angry or frustrated when life doesn’t go the direction we want it to go. My take on the root cause of anxiety is just this: we want life to be how we want it. ... Read More
August 24, 2022Dr.Kirk Laman


Your heart needs to be healthy. It needs to be healthy so that you can move and live in the way that you want. Normally, when we think of our heart health we think only of our outer heart–the physical heart. All of us know that our physical heart is important. ... Read More
December 1, 2020Dr.Kirk Laman


“How would your life be different if you stopped worrying about things that you can’t control and started focusing on the things you can? Let today be the day…You free yourself from fruitless worry, seize the day and take effective action on things you can change.” ― Steve Maraboli Control is often ... Read More
November 13, 2020Dr.Kirk Laman


"Can you help me doc? I' Feel so stressed out?" She wanted help with a real heart condition. Learning how to connect more deeply to her heart was the answer to her prayers. Learn how to connect to your heart. Get the stress relief you ... Read More
August 21, 2020Dr.Kirk Laman


The new year is here. Time to begin working on a new you. It's a new you that can be stress free. What's great about the new year is that it opens up new possibilities. The new year is a time for renewal. It's a time when we can decide ... Read More
December 28, 2012Dr.Kirk Laman


We all want life to be easy. But life can be filled with stress. Malcom Gladwell in his book Outliers- suggests we need to spend some time getting good at becoming successful. We need to to do this if we want to overcome stress.
August 9, 2012Dr.Kirk Laman


How Long will You Wait to Start Reducing Your Stress. Learn techniques for getting started.
December 11, 2011Dr.Kirk Laman


What is Stress? Stress is an overreaction by our bodies. A simple skill for dealing with stress is to become aware of how stress manifests in your body.
October 27, 2011Dr.Kirk Laman


Life sometimes gets in the way of Life.  What do I mean by that?  Sometimes we get so busy, that we don't seem to have time for anything but running.  As I write this on a Friday night after having my computer crash.  Spending hours loading software, recreating files, etc. It ... Read More
April 15, 2011Dr.Kirk Laman


  We live in a pill society.  People want a quick fix.  They don't want to walk, do yoga, or change their eating habits. Mostly they want a pill to keep them well. Yet, Illness didn't come from a pill.  For the most part people are ill because of what they eat and ... Read More
February 20, 2011Dr.Kirk Laman