Author Bio

Dr. Kirk Laman is an author, cardiologist, and traveler down the ancient, mystical Sufi Path of Love. Dr.Mehmet Oz endorsed Dr.Laman’s insightful book, How to Heal Your Broken Heart as did Mark Victor Hansen, Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Dr. Laman is the author of three books, How to Heal Your Broken Heart, Stressed Out Heart, and Overcome Your Daily Stress. He is the creator of the video training programs, Quick Anxiety Relief, Quick Stress Relief and Tranquil Heart.

As a cardiologist who has helped over one-hundred-thousand patients with real heart disease, Dr. Laman understands how emotional, psychological, and even spiritual issues can paralyze and wound a person’s heart. Dr. Laman offers hope by sharing the Sufi healing skills: time-tested techniques for opening and transforming troubled hearts.

Dr. Laman is a former Assistant Professor of Medicine at Michigan State University. In addition, he has completed three years of post-graduate training, from the University of Spirituality and Sufism located just north of Napa Valley, California. The University of Spirituality and Sufism programs teach emotionally based techniques for healing the heart.

Dr. Laman has well over ten thousand hours of training, teaching, reflection, and inner contemplation on the Sufi Path of Love. He has been deeply immersed in this work for over twenty-five years. In addition, the Head of the Higher Sufi Counsel of Jerusalem and the Holy Lands, Muhammad al-Jamal conferred upon Dr. Laman the title of Master Sufi Teacher and Master Sufi Healer.

He has been a contributor to the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Medical Economics, and Spirituality and Health Magazine.

He has spoken nationally and has led many seminars and workshops

Dr. Laman lives in the dynamic hub of the South, Atlanta, Georgia. He is known as the WholeHearted Cardiologist, a Cardiologist who knows the importance of the whole being in true healing.

He asks you to Seek, Knock, Open Your Heart.

The Greatest Journey is the Heart’s Journey to Inner Peace-

Dr. Kirk Laman